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DIY Spring Flower Tiered Tray Kit - Unfinished Wood Blanks - Decorative Tray -

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**Unfinished Wood ONLY**

This is not for a finished product. All wood is unpainted. This listing is for Spring Tiered Tray Unfinished wood blanks.

Choose from the following:

-Fresh Flowers Sign (approx 6.75in x 4.25in)

-Bloom Banner ( each piece is approx 2.25in x 2)

-Spring Flower Truck (approx. 5in ax 4.25in)

-Hello Spring Tag (approx. 6in x 3.75in)

-Rain boots (approx. 4.5in x 4.5in)

-Small flower tag (2.5in x 2in)

These wood blanks are laser cut out of 1/8" plywood. Layered thickness is 1/4" to 3/8" total.

Paint, Ribbon, Beads, Twine and tray not included.